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Prime High Class UV - watr dispenser with UV lamp


  • New model for the 2021 season
  • Three types of filtered water – cold, cold –sparkling, hot
  • Built in UV lamp – full water antibacterial protection
  • Built in leak sensor with anti-flood valve. 
  • LED lighting (water dispensing chamber, buttons)
  • Option to change cold water temperature  (5-12 C)
  • High capacity external water filtration system – 4000 liters
  • New! Can be installed with a touchless control module - the only model on the market with completely non-contact operation (gesture control).  
  • "Certified product" – polish hygiene certificate  (for dispensers and filtration system) 
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The latest generation model of the floor standing dispenser from the Prime line. Designed to ensure the highest quality and safety of the served water. The use of a UV lamp with UV-C light guarantees access to water free from bacteria and other pathogens. A floor standing model equipped with an internal cup dispenser and a drainer informing about the filing level. New for the 2021 season! 


The model available in two color version: silver, black (color selection available in the product options). 

This model provides filtered water in three types

1. Filtered, chilled still water (5-12°C),

2. Filtered, chilled sparkling water (5-12°C),

3. Filtered, hot water (~85°C).




✓ Elegant design - High Class is the most recent model of Prime water dispensers and response to meeting high customer expectations. In addition to a modern, minimalist design, this dispenser provides the highest water quality and antibacterial protection thanks to the use of a UV lamp.  

✓ Large drainer with fill level control - the drip tank equipped with a fill level system, informs the need to empty the water from the tank. An innovative solution is unusual in this type of device. 

✓ One water outlet - three types of water are served with one outlet. This is an important, functional feature that affects the minimalist appearance and intuitive operation (the user does not have to think about where to place the cup to get a given typ of water). 

✓ Anti-flooding protection - has a built-in leak detector, which cuts off the water supply and signals the problem to the user. 

✓ UV Lamp - In addition to the external water filtration system, this model, as one of the few devices on the market, has a built-in UV lamp.  Ultraviolet UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 250-240 nm is the most effective way to ensure water free from bacteria and other pathogens. The bactericidal mechanism kills microorganisms by triggering chemical reactions. The lamp works automatically when the water intake is turned on and is installed at the last stage of the water outflow from the dispenser. Lamp life: 8,000 hours (up to 5 years to operation).

✓ High dispensing space - 25,5 cm high from the base of the drainer to the water intake tap - easier handling of tall dishes. 

✓ Highest efficiency of sparkling water - this model serves chilled sparkling water. High efficiency thanks to the use of a large sparkling water tank (3 liter tank). This dispenser can work with a large 5-liter Co2 cylinder installed inside its base. Thanks to this, it can achieve a very high efficiency of carbonated water production, reaching 1000 liters on one Co2 cylinder (CO2 sets available separately). 

✓  LED backlight -  the place of water intake for the highest comfort of use, the buttons are also constantly illuminated, making the operation of water dispenser easy even in low light or at night. 

✓ Built-in cup dispenser - the base of the dispenser has a built-in cup dispenser (capacity 100 cups). 

✓ Universal installation - the base of the dispenser is separate.  After disconnecting it, the dispenser can work as a countertop version. 

✓ Large internal drainer - a 10 liter tank located in the base of the dispenser with automatic fill level control (dispenser signals the filling of the tank and the need to empty it). 

✓ THE NEW! Model can be equipped with a touchless control module - the first and only module in Poland that allows for completely touchless operation of the dispenser through gesture control. 


This cooler serve chilled, sparkling water in the range of 5 to 12 degrees Celsius. Dispenser serves water continuously, as long as the sparkling buton is on. Thanks to the precarbonization system, the holds in the tank 3 liters of carbonated water prepared for use. 

The purifier produces water medium saturated with CO2 (dosing up to 4 g CO2 / liter of water). The water saturation level can be adjusted by turning the crank on the reducer. High efficiency up to 1000 liters of  sparkling water from one CO2 cylinder, when using 5 liter cylinders (CO2 sets available separately).  

Butla co2 5l litrów zestaw do dystrybutora wody


Prime line dispensers and the filtration systems used in them have hygenic certificates of the National Institute of Hygiene and title „Certified Product”. 

The certificate issued by the National Institute of Public Health certifies that the product and the materials used in during contact with water are safe for both people and the environment. 

The systems also meet European Union directives on material safety RoHS. 

Prime water dispensers are safe to use devices enabling direct consumption of tap water, thanks to the  installed filtration system.


✓ Two stage filtration - (active carbon, mechanical filtration with  granularity of 0.8 microns) based on active carbon with patented Aqualen technology. 

✓ Silver Ion technology - due to the use of silver ions in the filter bed, the filters ensure stability and bacteriological purity of water. 

✓ Water mineralization - the system does not deprive mineral from water. The bio minerals contained in the water effectively suplement the daily diet with valuable magnesium and calcium compounds. 

✓ Low operating cost - high efficiency cartridges (up to 4000 liters) extend the period from exchange to exchange up to 6-12 months. Cartridge price for exchange: 15EUR. Possibility to use other types of Aquaphor cartridges.

✓ Simple replacement of entire cartridges  - user friendly and without additional costs for filter maintaining company. 

✓ Certificates and material safety  - German TUV certificate, Poland hygienic certificate (see certificate). 

Efficiency of pollution removal: Chlorine 100%, heavy metals (lead, cadmium, manganese): 90%, phenol: 98%, petroleum products: 99%, pesticides: 97%.

Filtr wody do dystrybutora


✓ Prime High Class UV Water Dispenser (version with cold/hot/sparkling water) - 1 piece 

✓ Aquaphor Crystal Solo filtration system installed inside (head and filter cartridge) - 1 piece

✓ Connections /  T-piece water supply valve (thread size ½”) - 1 piece

✓ Water and CO2 connection line (tubing 1/4")– length 5 meters. 

✓ Polish assembly and operating instructions.

Product Details

Data sheet

Chilling efficiency [litres per hour]
Weight [kgs]
Product dimensions [cm]
32 (W.) x 132,5 (H) x 47 (D)
Power consumption (hot/cold) W
Soda water tank capacity [litres]:
Touch pannel
Types of produced water:
cold / hot / carbonated
Heating OFF button
Body Colors versions
silver, black
Touchles device operations ready:

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