• Prime Soda Tap -...
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    Prime Soda Tap -...

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    • Three types of filtered water – cold, cold –sparkling, hot
    • Undercounter installation – most ergonomic, comfortable and elegant
    • Touch panel control
    • LED lighting (water dispensing area, buttons)
    • Built in leak sensor with anti-flood valve
    • Option to change cold water temperature  (5-12 C)
    • Option to turn off the heating and cooling function and get water at ambient temperature
    • High capacity internal water filtration system – 4000 liters
    • Possibility of using CO2 cylinders with a high capacity of 5 liters (1000 liters of sparkling water from cylinder)
    • "Certified product" – polish hygiene certificate  (for dispensers and filtration system) 
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  • Prime 701S - undercounter...
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    Prime 701S - undercounter...


    • Undercounter installation – highest comfort of use
    • Touch tap made from satin steel INOX
    • Color display with presentation of operating modes
    • 7 Titanium-Platinum plates
    • Self-diagnosis system
    • Up to 1680 ORP and pH settings
    • Built in filtration system – two advanced filtred cartridges
    • Effective electrolysis – high power SMPS with power 450W
    • Two programs for automatic plates cleaning
    • Polish hygienic certificate „Certified product”
    • Certificate BPA FREE
    • Certificate of medical device (KFDA)
    • The possibility of using the ionizer base as a fully functional countertop ionizer
    • High concentration of active hydrogen in alkaline water (up to 1200 ppm)
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